South Bend schools use new approach to attract students


South Bend Schools are taking a new approach to attract student and it all has to do with marketing. 

They’ve created radio commercials and they’ll be airing two of them on variety of radio stations. School officials say they want the commercials to reflect on the programs the district has to offer. 

The goal of the commercials is to get kids to come to South Bend Schools. Officials say the district loses 200-300 students every year, so they want to have some sort of recruiting tactic. 

The commercials encourage people to check out South Bend Schools.

“I think the radio commercials are to be competitive in a market that unfortunately has become a very competitive market,” said Superintendent Carole Schmidt.

The commercials will be running in both English and Spanish. South Bend Schools aren’t alone in trying to recruit more students — Mishawaka is also actively trying to increase its student population. (Source)