Storm cleanup in Walworth County


WALWORTH COUNTY – Clean-up is underway after powerful storms hit southeast Wisconsin. A tornado was confirmed in Walworth County.Dan Boss uses this building for storage. The wind was so strong it blew the roof right off. Pieces inside plowed through a soybean field and landed as far as half a mile away in neighbors’ yards.The tornado that swept from Rock County to Walworth County tossed Dan Boss’ shed like a toy in the wind."It’s drama that I don’t need!" exclaims Boss.The two-story building was reduced to one-story – with a new sky view.Steel beams snapped like a toothpick. The deck that was anchored into a stone foundation got shoved into the driveway.The cleanup is a headache he didn’t need. Luckily, Boss owns an excavating company and has the equipment to rebuild the 6 month old space."If it had hit over there, our main shop, and our equipment storage area, it would’ve been devastating," says Boss.His neighbor, Lori Hintz, was in her shed when she saw the destruction first-hand. She snapped a photo and texted Dan, who was on vacation.“We could just see like the big pieces of the shed twisting,” recalls Hintz. “It looked like it was coming right at us. I think I was in disbelief."A white jeep in the Hintz’s yard was going to go to their daughter for her 16th birthday. It’s now a complete loss. Two windows were shattered, and a piece of wood is stuck through the interior. (Source)